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Narrow Modular Pavers

If you have already spent a great deal of time looking for top notch paver stones, then you know right from first sight that our narrow modular pavers are one-of-a-kind. Our continuous product innovation led us to these unique and architecturally beautiful pavers.

Unique Pavers, Unique Benefits

Take a look at our portfolio and you’ll see the great effects of having narrow modular pavers. Their unique physical attributes resemble woods commonly used for decks. True enough, because the dimension is almost the same as the wooden counterpart.

So if you desire to have a wooden deck for the porch or pool, consider having our narrow pavers instead. Unlike wood, concrete pavers are not subject to molding, termites, and instant fading. They have all the aesthetic benefits of woods and the indisputable advantages of pavers. Also, our pavers offer a wider range of color selection and combination.

The good thing is that our pavers are not only used for deck replacement. They’re also perfect for every paver application around the outdoors like for the patio, walkway, and driveway.

Even if not resembling wood, these pavers can still aesthetically stand out because of the unusually beautiful elongated units. Those create a longer, bigger illusion of the area, which make them a perfect choice for visually enlarging small areas.

Size, Colors, and Varieties

Our narrow modular pavers are 9 inches long, 3 inches wide, and 4 inches thick. All pieces have at least 4,000 psi strength, which is the industry standard for sidewalks and driveways. And if you’re big on customization, a slight change on the dimension is possible since we also design and handcraft these stones.

All of our pavers also have a sandblast finish called Verano finish, for that slip-resistant quality. Other finishes are also available upon request.

Colors also vary depending on your preference. For us, it would be best to choose Espresso Brown, Café Brown, or Caramel for a wood-like illusion. Or, combine some unusual colors of French Gray, Porcelain, Granada White, or Almond for that more interesting look.

We also have Brick Red for that nostalgic aura and other colors like Malibu, Iceberg Green, Santa Fe Buff, and Agave Green for an eclectic appeal.

Ignite your imagination by browsing through our portfolio and brochure. The possibilities will excite you.

Special Installation

Please note that narrow modular pavers are new to the industry. Although new, their quality has repeatedly been acknowledged by contractors, architects, engineers, and home owners.

However, only knowledgeable and trained paver workers can install them correctly. But no worries about that—we have accredited installers who are trained to install these pavers correctly.

Refer to our portfolio and you’ll see more of our great offerings on concrete pavers. We also have step treads, desk stones, pool coping, wall caps, and more.

We have been designing and manufacturing pavers for more than three decades. The quality of our craftsmanship has been proven through the years by countless customers across the country.

So whether you need only the narrow modular pavers for your patio or a complete outdoor living improvement, we are the company to go to.

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Narrow Modular Pavers
Elegant, Linear Pavers. Handmade for your patio
Narrow Modular Pavers
Narrow Modular Pavers Driveway
Narrow Modular Pavers
Narrow Modular Tiles Paver

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