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Pool Coping

If you need a pool coping or maybe planning to replace the outdated one that you have, then call us today. We have a complete line of stones that were designed and manufactured for that purpose alone. Some may opt not to install coping on their pools but having one is a wiser choice because it serves more than just edging the pool.

Functions of Pool Coping

Coping pool is not really a must-do step when building or improving a pool—but it’s unwise not to have one. Without it, it will be like lacking a defining aesthetic element that makes a pool extra attractive. Since it runs around the pool, it makes the design more defined and more obvious. To be aesthetically appealing, the pool has to have what elegant pools have—a coping.

On top of the aesthetic purpose is its promise of extra safety for everyone. Pool coping materials are made to be smooth on the edges so that bumping onto them will not cause any harm. Imagine if the pool edges are coping-less: the sharp edges will transform the fun area into a disaster waiting to happen—something that you surely don’t want to happen.

Specially Manufactured Coping Stones

Coping has two finishes—square edge and bull nose. Square edge has a straight down finish, while bull nose has a round, softer finish. The stones in our Veranostone Pool Coping Series have bull nose for safety advantage.

All the pieces needed to complete a coping project are available. We have the usual straight units that make up most of the coping. Plus, we also have the inside corner units and outside corner units to give you that neat corner edge. These pre-cast stones are made with the same length, width, and thickness. But all these can be cut into the dimension that the project calls for.

Besides the common straight stones, we also offer specially made pool coping units for rounded pools and pools with curvy details. Even the craziest pool shape will have just the perfect set of coping stones from our collection. And if it’s not there, we can handcraft a set for you.

The Veranostone Advantage

Concrete stones are generally more beautiful and more durable than other materials—that is, if they were manufactured with quality and aesthetics in mind. And that’s what makes Veranostone different.

We are confident that you will be impressed when you see our full range of products. Our products are more than just pavers or concrete works. They are architectural treasures on their own, designed with function and fashion in mind.

These are only some of the benefits that you will get when you try our concrete coping products. Additionally, our company has been manufacturing the finest pool coping for nearly 40 years, so you’re assured that you’re dealing with certified experts in this field.

Besides coping, we also have other top quality concrete products like veneers, narrow modular pavers, garden steps, and wall caps.

Whether you are a contractor, an architect, an engineer, or an avid DIY homeowner, ordering our concrete products will be a breeze with our state-of-the-art online order processing. Our size chart will help you determine the perfect size for the project while the color chart will guide you in choosing which color will look perfect.

With Veranostone, you’ll get nothing but an outdoor living made better with elegant pool coping. Call us today.

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