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Stone veneer works as a cover to a surface for decoration and/or protection. It’s basically a thin slice of stone that is mortared over a surface (usually a wall, column, or anything vertical). That’s why this material is also referred to as wall stone.

Function of Veneers

Stone veneers primarily aids in the aesthetics enhancement of walls and other structures. That’s why their pioneer makers and users include those sliced from real, natural stones like fieldstones, sandstones, slates, marbles, and granites.

It was in 1800s when stone veneer came into the scene. However, it was only in the 1950s when it was developed into the kind of material that we know today.

Whether made from concrete or natural stones, all veneers provide the same general benefits – a more elegant surface and an added protection for the covered area.

The Veranostone Veneer Series

If you are looking for stone veneers that offer the same benefits, then choose our Veranostone Veneers line. These top quality veneers are handcrafted using the latest technology and produced by the country’s leading paver manufacturer—Stepstone Inc.

Our stone veneers are made of poured concrete; but don’t think that these are made of low quality materials. Our company has already perfected the production of wall stones and they are guaranteed to meet and even surpass industry standards.

Our veneers also weigh lighter than our competitors’ products, thus making them cheaper to build. Moreover, these stones are thin enough for easy and faster installation. Although thin, they all have 4,000 psi, making them ideal even for walkways, steps, and driveways.

Options with Veranostone Veneers

Our Veranostone Veneers collection is available in standard sizes, although we also offer customized sizes and designs for clients who are big on customization.

We also have narrow and large stone walls depending on the design needs of our clients. No need to worry if you choose our large scale veneers, since they do not need expensive anchoring systems because they are lightweight.

Our stone veneers are available in 19 different colors. That is the result of our commitment to give our clients optimum choices. Choose from Brick Red, Caramel, Porcelain, Almond, Desert, French Gray, and many other interesting color combinations that are perfect for any home or landscape application.

They also come in various texture—Sonorastone Varigated, Sonorastone Solid, and the classic Veranostone.

Please refer to our Details/Colors page for the complete list of available choices.

Why Choose Veranostone

We have been in the business of manufacturing concrete pavers and distributing them nationwide for at least 35 years. The quality of our products is likewise tested numerous times by our loyal customers, which makes our reputation in the business unquestionable.

Although we have gained that level of reputation, we still continue to get better and better. We never cease to satisfy our clients. We continue to improve our products by introducing new and innovative designs. In fact, we are the first to introduce narrow modular pavers and veneers.

Please see our range of products and let us know which ones get you excited. Besides veneers, we also have high quality, yet affordable pavers, wall caps, pool copings, and garden steps. All of these concrete products will turn your home or landscape into a magnificent place.

Contact us through phone or email and we’ll be more than willing to help you choose the right stone veneer for your walls and other vertical structures at home. With Veranostone, your outdoor living will become even better.

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